Sunday, February 24, 2008

Carlos Mencia - Feelings

George Carlin - Doin' It Again

George Carlin - Back in Town

This is a complete gig, so sit back and enjoy!

The Umbilical Brothers (funny video)

These australian fellas are great talkin mimes:) and funny too! check them out!

George Carlin - Life is worth losing

This takes more than one hour, so take your time, and just relax and enjoy this great show!

marci and britny (my humps) funny video

These girls need some serious help from the docs. Either they are drunk, or just pure stupid.

Kid's Cartoons - Dave Chappelle

Frank Caliendo - Impressions (funny video)

Dogs Love Water - Funny Pet Tricks

Bear Skydiving.... VERY FUNNY

they are funny and cute

A very very very very very very very very FUNNY video

Evolution of Dance - Funny Video