Tuesday, January 11, 2011

American: The Bill Hicks Story Video

A new and radical way to view Bill Hicks as much more than a Stand Up Comedy performer. You can call this a comedian documentary from the future because Bill Hicks's thoughts and ideeas surpassed his time. Most of the things you can see in this documentary is recoreded in the 80's and 90's but is still relevant today. Bill Hicks stand up comedy concerts and videos are trully an invitation to the past, present and future. Some things never change...

American: The Bill Hicks Story video recreates Bill Hicks's life in a way never seen before. This comedy video shows how his world and characters were shaped and how he got to the futuristic conclusions (for his time of course). Bill Hicks doesn't just do Stand Up Comedy. He tries to get you to think and understand that some things should change and life can be good, or at least different, if you try to understand it completely. Ofcourse, all that through stand up comedy (and he pulls it off).

This documentary tries to adequately tell Bill Hicks's life and that is why it is an animation, to get you into the middle of things. This is also why the narrators are 10 people who were colsest to him and influenced his life: Mary Hicks (Bill's mom), Steve Hicks (older brother), Lynn Hicks (big sister), Kevin Booth (lifelong friend and producer), Dwight Slade (first comedy partner), David Johndrow (friend and photographer), James Ladmirault (Jimmy Pineapple), John Farneti (uncle figure), Andy Huggins (Houston comedian) and Steve Epstein (founder of the Texas Outlaw Comics).

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