Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bill Cosby - Himself video

Bill Cosby's stand up comedy show Himself was filmed in 1983, at the Hamilton Place Theatre, in Hamilton, Ontario, before a live audience.

Bill Cosby's stand up comedy show Himself was released on DVD, by 20th Century Fox, on August 10, 2004, almost 20 years later, which gives you an insight of the material still being fresh after all that time.

Bill Cosby's Himself stand up video is the proof that stand up comedy doesn't have to be obscene to be funny, that clean comedy can be as successful as one where dirty language is at home.

Bill Cosby's stand up comedy show Himself is just about the humorous things in life, starting with his own family life, parenthood and what effect do his kids have on his wife Camille's mental health.

Bill Cosby is a comedic genius and what's best about his stand up comedy show is that you can relate to his stories.

Bill Cosby's stand up comedy video Himself is a funny stand up show, because Bill Cosby is a great story teller, who walks you among his life, from the journey into the delivery room when his wife went into labor, to how his parents treats the grandchildren better then they treated him as a child, just because now they are old and want to go to Heaven.

Getting drunk or going to the dentist are another funny routines Bill Cosby succeded in making classic material and you can watch and enjoy all this FREE online in Bill Cosby's Himself stand up comedy video!

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