Thursday, January 13, 2011

Charlie Murphy - I Will Not Apologize video

Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize stand up comedy show had the premiere in February 2010, on Comedy Central.

Charlie Murphy's stand up comedy show I Will Not Apologize is the comedian's first comedy special and was released on DVD on February 16, 2010.

Charlie Murphy is the older brother of Eddie Murphy, who's stand up comedy videos back in the 80s you cand watch FREE here, in our Stand Up Comedy Concerts sction.

If Eddie Murphy made a name for himself among the stand up comedians 30 years ago, his brother Charlie Murphy is better known for co-starring in Chappells Show or as a writer for Norbit, the Dreamworks comedy, as well as for his voice on the cartoon The Boondocks.

Charlie Murphy's I Will Not Apologize stand up comedy show is a different kind of stand up: if many comedians now scream on stage, with Charlie Murphy you have the feeling that he has a personal conversation with you, like a friend is telling you one joke after another.

This may be appreciated by some, but it's only a matter of taste in comedy. So, check out Charlie Murphy's video I Will Not Apoligize and decide for yourself if he is talented as a stand up comedian or if he should stick with his usually line of work.

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