Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jimmy Carr - In Concert video

Jimmy Carr In Concert is the comedian's fourth DVD and was filmed at the London's Bloomsbury Theatre, being released on DVD, on November 3, 2008.

This Jimmy Carr stand up is branded with Jimmy Carr's deadpan style and absolute unique and funny perspective on life's absurdities.

As usual, there are a few brave hecklers and as usual their are put at their places by the British comedian, with brutal razor-sharp lines that make the audience laugh all the way.

Jimmy Carr In Concert stand up comedy show is more offensive, with more brutal and ironic observations, which makes it even funnier than his previous comedy specials.

Jimmy Carr became so good at interacting with the audience, that the most interesting parts are the ones in which he puts them down, because this is his are of expertise and the style is "no prisoners".

Jimmy Carr's stand up comedy style became well-known and you will get plenty of it in this stand up comedy show, that we recommend only you ar not easily offended and you are over 18.

Jimmy Carr's In Concert DVD includes bonus material, cartoons with Jimmy as muppet, a Monty-Python-esque animation with live recordings of hecklers and audience participations from his gigs all over the country.

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