Monday, January 17, 2011

Bill Hicks - Relentless video

Bill Hicks' Relentless stand up comedy concert was filmed in 1991, at the Centaur Theatre, during the annual Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada.

Bill Hicks released in 1990 his first stand up comedy album Dangerous and became a hit in Ireland and UK, so in 1991 returned to the Just for Laughs comedy Festival and recorded this second stand up comedy album: Relentless.

Bill Hicks' Relentless is not as dark as his later performances like Revelations, when he realised he might be dying, so the the material included on this comedy album is lighter, but his delivery is as angry as usual.

Going from Kennedy assassination to drugs, from Gulf War to alcohol, from UFOs to female hypocrisy, from religious bigotry to New Kids on the Block, Bill Hicks' stand up is hilariously funny.

Bill Hicks' Relentless was filmed almost 20 years ago, but all the things he railed against still holds true today, so we highly recommend to watch this video.

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